Support Unhoused Individuals

"Kelowna is an amazing city. That is why so many people want to live here, regardless of their status in society."

The people living on the streets is undoubtedly the biggest issue before City Council, and if it's not - it should be.

When visitors come to this city they can see the day-to-day struggle that a few people have with homelessness, substance abuse and addiction. This ongoing battle is complex and contributes to the level of crime and lack of safety that we experience on a daily basis.

More policing needs to be implemented; whether it is hiring more RCMP or developing a more effective Community Policing to support the RCMP.

Kelowna Council needs to work with the Provincial Government and bring in the experience and expertise to develop a realistic approach. One that not only gives the homeless food to eat and a warm place to sleep for the night, but also helps them overcome their addiction and find a new purpose in life.

If elected to council I would consider this a top priority and work with front-line organizations to find real solutions.