Expand Emergency Response Services


We need to budget for more RCMP and develop a Community Policing Program that works. Bylaw officers can help support the RCMP in dealing with the ever-present crime.

Fire Department

The Kelowna Fire Department is understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the many high rises that are going up at an alarming rate. As communities outgrow and spill over into each other we need more fire halls in strategic locations.


As President and outstanding member of Central Okanagan Search & Rescue for over a decade, I have met with City Councillors and RDCO Board Members to find a suitable hall for COSAR. With some success, discussions are in the works to relocate this dedicated team from their 'expired' home.

Outside of the countless hours Searching for and Rescuing subjects, COSAR trains weekly (at the least), fundraises, educates the public, and helps with Public Events.

If elected to Council I would work with RDCO to set up a hall that would be more central and effective for COSAR response. There is also a possibility of combining it with an Incident Command Center, which would be crucial during flooding and fire season.