Dan Schlosser for Kelowna City Council

Elect Dan Schlosser for Kelowna City Council SAR promo

I have lived in Kelowna for 47 years; my wife, Aimee and I raised four children in our Rutland home of 28 years.

I joined Central Okanagan Search & Rescue in 2004 after seeing their incredible dedication in the 2003 Fire-Storm.

In 2005 I became a Search Manager and was elected President of COSAR which I held for six years. Following that I also served as Past-President, Public Relations/Fund-raising and Training Director. After dealing with hip surgery I stepped back into the President's role until my retirement in 2021.

I have helped develop many policies that brought COSAR to the forefront of Kelowna as well the BC SAR community.

Leading this dedicated team of volunteers has been an honour and will always be considered one of my proudest achievements.

Kelowna is growing rapidly, and with that growth comes new challenges for us to face together. With your vote, My experience, dependability, and deep love for this city will help us continue to cultivate a thriving community.